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The Heart Whisperer

Hi, my name is Ehsida, (Eh-sida)


My specialty is working with Indigos and Starseeds with more complicated and activated neurology

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All sessions are Private and Confidential.


Read what people are saying 

“What a gift to have someone who knows how to listen and offer sound guidance that helps.”

Shane L.  San Francisco, CA

“I really loved my session! Ehsida has a unique way of being deeply, lovingly present, and that was profound to experience. Right away she was able to see and share profound truths about my life, go below the surface and reach the important issues. I have already felt a tremendous shift from applying her techniques. It was like spending time with an angel. Her sincerity and heart-felt guidance are true gifts! Thank you for sharing your beautiful talent with me!”

Elizabeth Lee

Elizabeth Lee, Animal Intuitive, Newbury Park, CA

“Ehsida is a very connected soul, filled with love, wisdom and spiritual awareness, creating a most beautiful, and enlightening session.  I  immediately had a heart opening with her as she guided me in a relaxation meditation. She is a clear channel offering details and clarity for your path and life purpose.  Very important unconscious blocks I had were revealed, helping me to move forward with joy, connect with my inner child, and unite with my higher self.  I highly and lovingly recommend having a session with  Ehsida.” 

Carole K. Santa Barbara, CA


“There are three great joys in life:
To love, to be loved, and to become love itself.”


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