Saturn ~ Professor Saturn teaches discipline, responsibility and time management Retrograde course: March 25th- Aug-16, 2016   Helpful tips: Your exam question: Do you waste time on self-condemnation and negativity, or invest all your energy in positive pursuits to improve life everywhere? If you want an “A” in Professor Saturn’s class you’ll want to master kindness […]


Jupiter ~ Professor Jupiter teaches religion, philosophy, and truth. Retrograde dates: Jan 7th -May-9th,  2016 Helpful tips: Professor Jupiter presents never before considered thoughts, beliefs, aspects of religion and philosophies, then asks his students to consider how these ideas align or misalign with their personal truth or inner knowing. If you have been taught that […]


  Mars ~ Professor Mars teaches energy, action, passion and desire. Retrograde Period  April 17th ~ Jun-29th, 2016 Helpful tips: Professor Mars teaches us about the energy we have within us, the energy other people bring out in us and how we effect the energy of the world at large. These are your exam questions: Who am I […]


Mercury ~ Professor Mercury teaches communications Retrograde Period  Apr 28th May-22 Helpful tips: Professor Mercury teaches us to slow down, breathe deeply and listen to our heart before we take actions or communicate. These are your exam questions: What is your greatest joy? How can you communicate this to the world in all you do? When we […]


When you watch life in slow motion you notice many things you wouldn’t  notice at regular speed.  During Retrograde, each Professor (or planet) offers you the experience of watching specific aspects of your life in slow motion.  If you’ve been working so hard you’re running on empty, Professor Saturn may point this out and insist that […]