Sunshine Therapy The SUN represents all that is good to many ancient healing traditions. A healthy baby is born full of Sunshine Energy. They are warm, happy, supple and light. As we grow and experience challenges in life, such as cold elements in nature, cold hearted people, cold emotions, and cold food and drink, our Sunshine […]


  “My religion is love…only love.  Love love love love love. Love is all there is. Everything else is part of the illusion.”            

The Wonderment of a Child

“To live in wonderment like a child, we thrive with more success than any serious adult, and miraculously, we have more time to enjoy life rather than just survive.”          


 Juno ~ Professor Juno teaches loyalty – commitments to self and others. Retrograde Period March 2 – Jun-16, 2016 Helpful Tip: Are you committed to your own happiness?  If you’re not committed to expanding on what you love and what makes you feel most alive, everything else in your life suffers and you won’t be […]


  Pluto ~ Professor Pluto teaches inner truth and life theme. Retrograde course: April 18th – Sep-16 Helpful tips: Professor Pluto asks you to determine what life theme you have been living. This is how to do that: What do you love more than anything in life? What keeps you from doing or having what you love? You […]

Chance Meetings

Everyone we meet enters our life for a reason, even if it’s a glance from across the room or someone who shows up in a dream. What they represent reflects something we hold inside. All of life is a mirror…displaying our longings, loves, dislikes and traumas. When we clear out all the negatives, life must reflect […]