Is The Earth Flat?

  No, the earth is not flat, but is it what we believe it to be?   Aristotle (384-322 BC) determined the Earth was spherical    The original flat earth theory before 384 BC, proposed the earth was a flat disk with a spherical sky. Current day physicists are once again claiming the earth originates […]

Can You See What’s Ahead?

In the 80’s I worked in search and rescue on the ocean. Many afternoons I would arrive on my shift, pick up the binocular to search the horizon, only to see something that appeared to be a title wave heading straight for the harbor. The first time I saw this I panicked, shoved the binoculars […]


      Last weeks post presented my dear friend Prescott’s confession about seeing a 7 foot tall green Mantid like creature when he was a child. Today we will cover possibilities that may explain this incident based on Prescott’s preferred sources: Government, Respectable Media, Science and Religion.    When Prescott confessed his experience, my first […]