Is The Earth Flat?

    Aristotle (384-322 BC) determined the Earth was spherical, yet for the past few years scientists are once again arguing that the earth is in fact flat? What’s up with that?    The original flat earth theory before 384 BC, proposed the earth was a flat disk with a spherical sky. Current day physicists […]

Can You See What’s Ahead?

In the 80’s I worked in search and rescue on the ocean. Many afternoons I would arrive on my shift, pick up the binocular to search the horizon, only to see something that appeared to be a title wave heading straight for the harbor. The first time I saw this I panicked, shoved the binoculars […]


      Last weeks post presented my dear friend Prescott’s confession about seeing a 7 foot tall green Mantid like creature when he was a child. Today we will cover possibilities that may explain this incident based on Prescott’s preferred sources: Government, Respectable Media, Science and Religion.    When Prescott confessed his experience, my first […]