In the movie Dr. Strangelove, Slim Pickens plays a character who, in the midst of repairing the hydraulics on a bomber plane mid flight, finds himself in the most unfortunate position of being dropped from the release door sitting atop a nuclear bomb. Instead of fear, regret, or panic, Mel chooses to ride the bomb […]

The Feather

    Many people are going through challenging times right now as our “personal reset” buttons are being pressed, igniting our most intense fears and negative belief systems, to be purged once and for all.    Please know you are not alone. There really are angels and guides and light helpers out there who love you; […]

Heaven on Earth

“ You want to know Heaven? Be an Angel.” Matt Kahn    Joining a long line to mail a parcel this morning I noticed a solitary postal worker manning the counter while attempting to repair his cash register. A lovely lady in front of me flashing a rosy smile shared that she had been in […]