“2016” The Year of Remembering

A Pleiadian Lullaby

I love you, I love you, I love you
I love you, I love you, I love you!

   When we first emerge from source we enter a colony of light beings known as the Pleiades. Here, love, light, harmony, goodness, and angelic perfection remain our nature. This is our first experience of “form.” As new angels arrive in the Pleidies, they are welcomed with open hearts, kindness, gentleness and loving wisdom that warmly assists them into becoming more acquainted with “form.”

   As Pleiadian beings evolve they become more adventurous and dive into other realms to discover the true power of their light in the midst of denser and opposite forms such as darkness.

   The most masterful souls in existence earn their place in an holographic experience known as Earth. To enter Earth, all souls must don a mask with goggles that conceal their true identity and infinite power. No one can play the holographic Earth game without putting on a set of these mystifying goggles known to most as ego.

   The name of the game on Earth is, who can remember “what” they are first by seeing beyond the goggles? Once you remember, how many other “people” can you remind of their original light? Earth, is a very important experience for the evolution of a masterful soul, and mastery rarely comes easy.

   Although the truth of our nature – pure love – is never fully forgotten, the earth plane can feel deep down like a dangerous and traumatic place for light beings until they consciously remember their original essence, and respond to “life on earth,” as that essence.

   How do we remember our original essence and respond to life as love itself? By treating ourselves and others with the same reverence we knew in the Pleiades. Sing the Pleiadian lullaby to yourself each night before sleep. Compliment and acknowledge your own strengths and goodness every day as well as others. Be gentle, loving and present with yourself and others no matter what you’re going through. If you’re sad, scared, angry, depressed…it’s o.k., acknowledge those feelings and ask yourself, “how may I honor and cherish my L I G H T in form? How can I be the hero of my own life?

   When we treat ourselves the way our souls deserve to be treated, with absolute honor, respect, dignity and love, never allowing “life on earth,” to convince us otherwise, it stirs within us the seed of our nature. It reminds us of our source. It demystifies the goggles and brings clarity to this earthly experience.

   As the greatest gift you can give yourself in 2016, please ask yourself this very important question every day; “How may I honor myself as the pure loving light being I truly am?” Let every choice you make honor the sacredness of your soul, and each day your true strengths will be revealed a bit more to help you ride the great positive wave of change 2016 will bring.


Ehsida Bisset