Don’t Get Pushed Around

When I was 17 I took a ferry boat from a port town near Victoria, British Columbia to the mainland of Vancouver with a group of High School friends to go sky diving. We ran around the top deck of the B.C. Ferry watching the Orca Whales surfacing between the San Juan Islands until our […]

The Invitation

When a young child is asked to play in the kitchen sink with a parent, an adventure ensues. Suds come alive with giggles that reveal magic kingdoms beneath the surface of a soapy sea. Courageous bubbles escape on rogue wind storms created by sweet puckered three year old lips. They surf across the counter and explode into […]

Coping in 2016

   A concern for people at this stage in 2016 is the level of fear and negativity floating around in the media.     If you encounter a candidate you don’t like, a negative co-worker,  a dominating authority figure, unpleasant acquaintance,… or a loved one gone wild, it may be difficult to feel love in that […]