The Missing Years

     In the gentle hours of dawn each morning, I used to play with the glowing spheres of love that danced around my room as a child. When I innocently asked a few little friends about their glowing spheres of love, they told me I must be from another planet. I questioned myself, as […]

Miracles are Natural

“THE SECRET OF CHANGE IS TO FOCUS ALL OF YOUR ENERGY, NOT ON FIGHTING THE OLD, BUT ON BUILDING THE NEW.” ~ SOCRATES First you make your wish. Then you plant the seed. At first it may appear nothing is happening. But everything is happening! As you water your precious seed with positive thoughts and […]

Message From a Tree

       As the sun began its graceful journey drenching all of nature with the rich glowing warmth of life, I ventured out on a fresh morning walk near my home.    Birds were playing tag along swaying tree branches, butterflies flitted from brilliantly colored bougainvillea bushes, and the scent of blooming flowers and […]