The Promise

“There’s always some reason To feel not good enough And it’s hard, at the end of the day“  Sarah McLachlan – Angel Lyrics  May you find comfort in this promise to yourself: I Promise: To live as if each breath is my first moment of life, filled with wonder To enjoy time with others as […]

Inner Happiness

  Always carry your very own sunshine with you everywhere you go! Blessings for a miraculous sunshine happy week! Ehsida Bisset

Happy Thoughts

  If you ever need a happy thought I hope this page will bring you comfort and a smile         

In The Beginning

   Once upon a time, long before time began, Source decided to create friends to play with, so it projected itself into the void and out popped a droplet of glowing white light. Pleased with this reflection, out popped another and another and another, showering the void with Mini Creator Gods.    These Mini Gods, […]