The Promise

Open song and scroll down to read post “There’s always some reason To feel not good enough And it’s hard, at the end of the day“  Sarah McLachlan – Angel Lyrics  May you find comfort in this promise to yourself: I Promise: To live as if each breath is my first moment of life, filled […]

Inner Happiness

  Always carry your very own sunshine with you everywhere you go! Blessings for a miraculous sunshine happy week! Ehsida Bisset Click here for a continuation of IN THE BEGINNING

Hidden In The Dark

Continued from IN THE BEGINNING…   Light reveals information, insights and truth. In the light of day we see clearly; in the dark of night much is easily hidden from the general public. Darkness expresses deception, trickery, pretense and duplicity. Darkness uses the innocence of good people to toy with perceptions of reality to further […]

Happy Thoughts

  If you ever need a happy thought I hope this page will bring you comfort and a smile          Click here to read the continuation of  IN THE BEGINNING

The Dark Side of Source

“You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. Many of them are so hopelessly dependent on the system, they fight to protect it.” The Matrix (Movie) Continued from “In The Beginning” Post Oct 1-2016    When the Creator Gods known as The Family of Light entered the time portal […]

The Jinn

….continued from 10-1-16 post    Once the Creator Gods, known as The Family of Light, had Tiramet secure in this far reaching corner of the galaxy, they got to work mending the planet and all the beings they were able to rescue.    As things settled it became apparent that every human on Tiramet, now […]

In The Beginning

   Once upon a time, long before time began, Source decided to create friends to play with, so it projected itself into the void and out popped a droplet of glowing white light. Pleased with this reflection, out popped another and another and another, showering the void with Mini Creator Gods.    These Mini Gods, […]