Open song and scroll down   “Hello from the other side I must have called a thousand times To tell you I’m sorry for everything that I’ve done when I call you never seem to be home.” Adele In an early interview Adele shared this song was written for her inner child; feeling badly that […]

A Message to The Family of Light

THANK YOU! Thank you for agreeing to enter blindfolded, wings bound. Thank you for being patient as the dark side stands it’s ground. Thank you for your grace as you were blamed, questioned and condemned. Thank you for speaking up, when it was hard to find a friend. Thank you for your kindness when you […]

Holy Monkeying Around

Say What?    This year has revealed unexpected outcomes for many people in their personal and professional lives. Real estate deals have added hoops, travel plans change, business and romantic partners reveal a hidden side, dates are cancelled, decisions are surprising, truths arise that knock people off their rocker and sudden health changes are leaving […]

The Super Moon of November

   Every moon has an effect on our lives and our emotions. The full moon that will arrive Monday, November 14th is a very unique moon connected to specific astrological houses that stimulate extremely rare effects on the human psyche, predominantly profoundly positive for letting go of the old and ushering in the new.   […]

Changing Time

   In the spring of 1784 Benjamin Franklin suggested people “change time” and rise earlier to make better use of available light and save on candle wax, but not many were interested in old Ben’s idea.    In 1907 William Willet re-introduced Daylight Savings claiming it was important for people to enjoy the precious morning […]

Belief Prisons

Continued from IN THE BEGINNING    When the Dark Lords captured earth they had a big problem. The beings of light they intended to use as slaves were always happy. Not only were they happy, they bonded, formed communities and extended loyalty to each other. This sort of behavior had to be stopped because the […]