The Bird Song

Bird songs turn to magic in my heart    The birds were playfully singing as I sat comfortably in meditation following their sweet melody within. Then, without explanation their songs stopped and all was silent. Instantly, a white spiral staircase appeared inside my mind. I began descending the steps into a pinkish white room where […]

Got Energy?

   In 1975 a cotton farmer in Arizona unearthed something very strange in his garden. This discovery was so puzzling in fact, certain influences caused it to vanish before his eyes.    Over the years this curious find came to be known as ORME’s, Orbitally Rearranged Mono-atomic Elements. Scientists have had difficulty studying ORME’s, as it […]


“Marriage is a commitment to that which you are.” Joseph Campbell Mythologist, writer, lecturer       The day Joseph Campbell and his beloved wife married, they exited the chapel to find a funeral procession under way. Following a long black hearse and row of black limousines on route to their honeymoon, Joseph was thrilled. To […]

Re-inventing the Self

Create a new improved vision of your life. Remain focused, like a laser beam, on this image. What you focus on always expands.    “April” originates from the latin “aperire,” meaning, “to open or bloom.” Just as flowers open in spring, April creates a rare opening for beautiful new beginnings and improved ways of life. […]

Happy Spring

There is a time when meadow and stream, The earth and every common thing, Does seem to me a glorious dream. This is spring! Happy Spring, the most awakening time of year. Let’s make the most of this magnificent energy by jump starting each day. Every morning declare to yourself: TODAY WILL BE A MAGNIFICENT DAY […]