We don’t see things as they are we see things as WE are Anais Nin Religion, Sex and Politics shhhhhhhhhhh.    Have you noticed bodies tense up, eyes pop and tempers flare the moment someone in a group makes mention of  their political views, sexual preferences or religious beliefs?    Why do these topics divide […]

All Is Well

    Courage is mastery of fear, not absence of fear. Mark Twain    In June of 2016 someone shared a link to a radio show with the date stamp June 2016 on it. It was a recording of two scientific types talking about an asteroid that was about to hit the earth. The two […]


September 21st is National Peace Day. …a little boost to INCREASE THE PEACE  within and without Music 09 Suite No. 3 Major  “Air”  Johann Sebastian Bach Ehsida Bisset

Kedi’s Lullaby

Albert Schweitzer claims there are two sure cures for misery… Music and Cats. With all the intensity in the world these days, I would like to offer you a little music… and a kitty to sooth your soul.  Kedi’s Lullaby Below Video artist’s Sarper Duman and Kedi (Turkish word for cat) Wishing you all love, […]