More Than Words

“More than words Is all I ever needed you to show.  Then you wouldn’t have to say That you love me,  ‘Cause I’d already know.”    Many times we meet a person, see a picture or have a conversation and we sense something deeper or hidden is going on. Our conscious mind may not fully […]


In a world where we can be absolutely anything… thank you for being kind.    What all life requires more than anything else is kindness. Kindness involves love, warmth, caring, encouragement, thoughtfulness and generosity of spirit.    Even a tiny show of kindness from friends, family or strangers proves to be the most important ingredient […]


Northern Lights From Space Inside the Arctic Circle –  Northern Norway.    The alignments of the past two months have created transformational anomalies. Things we most likely did not want to look at, work on, or deal with were brought to the forefront. Once the supportive Ophiuchus transit ended on Dec 16th, 2017, these transformational […]

Intentions and Playfulness

“Meditation is enough. Everything else follows on its own.” Osho    As a child I would make lists of all the transformation I wanted to see in my life each New Year, then put the list aside and have so much fun playing I would never think of it again. The next year I was always […]