The Power of One

Deep within, we all love each other …irrevocably      Once upon a time there lived a family of happy playful bubbles who giggled and played together all day, and hugged and cuddled together all night. They fit together so perfectly, the closer they got the more they became ONE.    Everything was splendid in […]

Updated Privacy Policy and GDPR

Added Choice and Security with GDPR    The updated General Data Protection Regulation strives to enhance protections around gathering and processing personal data to individuals residing within the European Union.  The British public have also been given greater control over how their data is used.    Our Privacy Policy is posted at the top of this […]

Up Up and Away From Pain

“You are not being burned, you are being purified.” Mastin Kip    When life gets difficult, when people act poorly, when things become intense, when we experience loss, fear and trauma, when we feel like running away, or giving up; when we feel defeated, clobbered, humiliated and hopeless, we are simply being purified.    The […]

Chance of a Lifetime

Our destiny is tied to the stars    Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, strange animal behavior, odd human conduct and weather patterns, unprecedented world news, bodily changes, unexplainable physical and emotional phenomena, and a higher intensity of “life experiences” every day. What’s happening?    Just as the earth takes 365 days to transit around the sun, it […]

Smiles and Inspiration

\   Plunge into the beauty of May, with all your heart and soul.  Dance and laugh each day, and your life will become more whole!   Blessings to you dear friends Ehsida