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An Inconvenient Truth

I offer this information to you, as the ancient texts do, to apply or disregard as you see fit. May this shed light on addiction, insanity, and illness.

Light and darkness…cold and warmth, good and evil…
the interplay of opposite principles constitutes the universe.

~ Confucius

Enterprising Light is energy amplifying, moving up, expanding,
ascending, evolving, transforming into a higher form, or brighter light.
It is pure potential and creativity.

Enterprising Darkness is energy.
It’s energy that is siphoning, debilitating, draining,
descending, weakening and terminating.
Think of bacteria, mold, viruses and parasites.
These are enterprising forms of darkness that need a host.

Darkness siphons light to use as its own energy,
because darkness is empty, incapable of creating light or energy itself…
hence the ongoing battle between light and dark.

   Enterprising darkness is something people don’t like to consider, because it frightens them, but knowledge is power. Challenges with enterprising darkness only arise when we don’t understand energy, direction and flow, which I intend to describe in this post.

“Love is the beauty of the soul.” 

Saint Augustine

What is the soul and why is it so important?

   The soul is your very own personal unconditionally loving, healthy, happy Mommy and Daddy! It lives inside of you and it lives for you. It wants the best for you. It loves you more than anything or anyone because you are the manifestation of its love. The soul imagined you into life. Without your soul, you would not exist. It is what animates you. It is you; the very best part of you.    

A human generates more light by embodying more of their soul essence. 

   The human light body makes it possible for the higher frequencies of your soul to live inside your physical body; perhaps a bit like an incubator for a baby. Our light body supports the Soul.  If the light body that anchors the soul in your body becomes damaged, the soul begins to lose its connection with the body. 

The light body is the field of energy
that keeps your frequency high enough to anchor the soul in 3D. 

   As long as your soul is embodied, you will be happy, energized, optimistic, playful, honest, sincere, loving, empathic, kind, generous, benevolent, healthy, youthful, compassionate, generous, and kind. The stronger your light body is, the more your soul can animate and express through you. Enlightened masters such as Buddha, Jesus, Mahavira, Mother Mary etc. are examples of fully embodied souls.

If the light body is damaged,
the soul can lose connection with the physical body. 

   If the union between your body and soul is damaged, the body and mind become weakened. This will feel like being abandonment by the most beloved unconditionally loving mother and father support team, and you will begin to have abandonment issues. Our light body is imperative to our happiness, health, safety, security, confidence and mental-emotional well being and stability.

   When the light body and the soul become fragmented, the entire personality of the being will change, because that person is no longer in coherence with the soul essence. They have become fractured, damaged, and unstable, making it impossible to maintain the soul’s path and purpose, or to even know what that is.

The entire world we apprehend through our sense 
is no more than a tiny fragment in the vastness of Nature.

~ Max Planck, Physicist

   Most humans are capable of perceiving less than .05% of what exists in the visible light spectrum. The 99.95 % we do not perceive leaves many things unexplained and misperceived by the human senses. Those who accrue more light by embodying more and more of their soul essence, become capable of seeing beyond the average visual threshold and begin to observe darkness in form, as creatures that exist beyond our normal sight. These are not delusions of mad humans, these are clear insights understood through  soul embodyment, creating a stronger connection with higher intelligence and discernment.

   Ancient texts often call these shadow creatures entities, demonics, jinn, ghosts, lunar beings, anti-life forces, negative thought forms etc. The main power these creatures have is our ignorance of them, so it’s pertinent to understand how reversals happen in the human light body, which siphon our light and energy, disconnecting us from our divine lifeline; our soul, diminishing our consciousness, creating openings for dark forces to attach and anchor in, allowing these bottom feeders to fuel addictions, abusive bonds in relationships, disease and torment in order to feed on our light.

What damages the light body and dis-connects the soul

   Anything that harms the physical or emotional body, will harm the light body. Alcohol, drugs, tobacco, chemicals, sugar, denatured food, EMF, lying, cheating, and having sex without love all damage the light body, sever the soul from the physical body, and open a door to dark forces that feed on the body’s energy, slowly but surely destroying that person’s life. Have you ever watched someone indulge in these things and notice they begin to have accidents, anxiety, drama, health issues and major life challenges 


   Activating the sex center feels good because it initiates our soul spark. The so called “G” spot is our ‘God’ spot. When the kundalini is activated at the base of the spine it excites the permanent seed atom or dormant divine energy in the sex center that grows more light. An open heart acts as a magnet and a container for the kundalini, (Divine Light) which is meant to move up the spine and enter the heart center, the fourth chakra, where it begins a heart flowering; raising our consciousness by making our light body stronger so we can embody more of our soul… eventually activating an awakening or enlightenment…allowing vision beyond the average human threshold.

   The criteria for moving the kundalini up the spine and into the heart center is LOVE. Love is what opens the heart. When people are intimate with a partner they love, this is the opening to embodying more of your soul, reaching higher consciousness, enjoying greater physical mental and emotional balance and strength, as well as higher intelligence and spiritual powers. 

   If however, a person has sex without love, the heart center will not open and the sex energy will have no means of moving up the spine and finding a container to grow more light. What to do? It falls down into 1D and 2D, below the base chakra, beneath the body into lower realms, causing a reversal of the energy field and light body. 

 Sexual energies are divine essences, containing the power of creation.
Every time we have sex we are investing our creative energy,
into building light or empowering darkness,

depending on if we capture the kundalini in the heart,
or if it escapes downward where it can be used against us.
Have you ever met a promiscuous person who is genuinely happy?
They are tormented beings.

   Sex was never meant to be practiced without love, because it leads to self destruction. This downward pull of kundalini reverses the spin of the light body, causing rips and holes in the protective field, creating an opening for dark forces to enter. The more reversals, the weaker that person’s light body becomes, and eventually these shadow creatures can create nests inside the light body and begin birthing dark entities from the human body’s own sexual energy, leading to anxiety, confusion and addictions. Reality is stranger than fiction.

   These parasites bore into the sexual center, continually activating sexual desire so the human host is frequently sexually stimulated, causing a need for multiple partners, masturbation, attention and or constant sex. The sex center now drives them, because it’s run by dark forces who feed on the energy released through orgasm.

   Once a person’s light has been siphoned sufficiently, an entity can move from the light body directly into the physical body along side the remaining fragmented particles of the soul. This is often where we get split or multiple personalities. Two or more identities can exist inside a body once the organic human light field has diminished below 50%. 

   Entity possession leads to a reversal in the personality of the infected human, turning a loving person into a narcissist, and eventually a sociopath with demonic possession. Those with demonic possession have a determined intent of causing chaos, breaking hearts and destroying lives in order to siphon light from others. Why?  Because a human body with demonic possession no longer has an intact soul to feed it light. All emotional pain bleeds the light body, so these entities inside a human host excel at causing pain and torment in order to feed. 

   In the state of possession, people live as slaves to their instinctual desires that control their choices and behaviors, leading to a 3D mindset where sex, power and money become their reason for living, without any interest in the soul or spirituality.

“Spiritual disconnection is the result of most human diseases, brain dysfunction and related psycho-emotional distortions, many with clinical references to schizoid, narcissism, and psychopathy. Once a soul is fragmented the body is very easy to control through addiction or to possess by reversal life forces.”

~ Lisa Renee

Fighting  Addiction

   When an addict attempts with all their might to halt an addiction, yet continues to lose self control in the midst of desire even after being detoxed, this is often a sign of entity manipulation.

   The entity that has latched onto the light body will whisper into the mind of its host the wrong choice, the desire for addiction, the person who will lead to the greatest destruction, the job that will suck the soul, the friend who will destroy self worth and encourage addiction, leaving people wondering why they make horrible choices again and again without learning. Its not their soul, or their own consciousness making these decisions. Remember, entities and parasites feed on pain, so they point people in the direction of the greatest trauma, heartache and destruction possible again and again..till death do they part.

   When the light body has been severely reversed and the soul has fragmented, eventually what hurts now feels good and what opens the heart, (Love and kindness) now brings fear and lack of trust, making it almost impossible to fully release abusive behavior and toxic relationships. Pain is what the body is addicted to because chaos, drama and trauma are pleasure to these dark entities running the body.

 “If only our eyes saw souls instead of bodies,
how different our ideals of beauty would be.”

Sex Vampires

   Entity possessed humans are commonly irresistible to those who have unhealed emotional trauma or low self esteem, because the entity knows how to trigger the ego with false promises, charm, sex appeal and ego gratification. Sex vampires are highly proficient at riveting the sexual centers of their victims to the point of euphoric vulnerability to download parasites that will grow inside the victims sex center. Once these leeches begin to grow, the sex center will be stimulated by these creatures incessantly, so life for the victim becomes a hunt for the next sexual prospect.

This is one reason sexual addiction is rampant around the world. It is literally infectious; contagious through passing these entities from one sex partner to another.

   To protect oneself from dark forces and to release entity possession, a person must strengthen or grow back their light body, their protective field, and find support to release destructive tendencies.  The more light we hold, the higher our level of sovereignty, freedom, personal power, success and intelligence. 


   More on growing the light body, protecting your field and claiming sovereignty in next weeks post.

May all hearts be healed 


The existence of dark forces is an inconvenient truth.
Claiming they don’t exist is a reassuring lie, giving dark forces a great advantage;
leading to the enslavement and destruction of humanity.

Cherish your light!