Belief Prisons

Continued from IN THE BEGINNING

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   When the Dark Lords captured earth they had a big problem. The beings of light they intended to use as slaves were always happy. Not only were they happy, they bonded, formed communities and extended loyalty to each other. This sort of behavior had to be stopped because the Dark Lords fed on darkness and negativity, just as the beings of light fed on love and light.

   After watching the beings of light for a period of time, a plan was devised implementing something called, “Belief Prisons.” A Belief Prison is a thought humans readily commit their hearts and souls to, worship, strive for and even die for without ever realizing they are being manipulated. A Belief Prison is an idea or presentation of a made up reality the Dark Lords invent to divide and conquer humanity. Every Belief Prison is created to keep the humans miserable, at odds with each other and hopeless.

  One of the first Belief Prisons developed around color. Dark skinned people were presented with the idea that white was bad, and the light skinned people were taught that black was bad. This was not a natural assumption or a reality, it was a Belief Prison injected into society by the Dark Lords. Eventually all variations of skin color were at odds. Prejudice is not our natural state.

   The majority of humans are so innocent and vulnerable they are open to “lock onto” whatever they are taught, and happy to invest their energy into what they believe is right and good. If everyone is taught they are the right and good group, everyone fights with even more passion.

   The Dark Lords had no trouble keeping the different shades of skin from forming communities or extending love and loyalty to each other. To add sparks to the fire they merged these groups together on continents and watched the games begin. This spawned the idea to form sporting competitions in large colosseums to divide and conquer for entertainment. This led to such things as beauty pageants, talent competitions, and boxing matches etc. The rush of opposition and emotion during these events kept the Dark Lords fat, in control and quite content. The pretense of a Belief Prison is simple: one side must win and one side must lose.

   Deity Prisons were also established for people to worship all over the world. These Belief Prisons were incredibly powerful. Each separate deity was worshipped as if it were the one and only authentic deity of all time. As expected, when one group of deity worshippers came across another group of different deity worshippers there was no ability to bond, be happy with one another or form a community. Many wars arose due to the Deity Belief Prisons and this was cause for great feasting amongst the Dark Lords. All along the humans had no idea they were being used as pons in a grand game of chess.

   Insatiable, the Dark Lords developed the greatest Belief Prison of all time, which we know today as Politics.  Although the Dark Lords are the ultimate rulers, they have minions to represent different political Belief Prisons with slightly different approaches so the people believe they have a choice and fight each other for that choice.

   Before each election puppets are chosen. One campaign is built on peace, love and happiness, knowing humans love that stuff, and the other is always an antagonist. What better way to set off sparks, pull up a throne and watch the games begin.  Couples divorce, friends cease speaking with one another, and neighbors who smiled across the fence each morning now grumble nasties under their breath once they discover their dear neighbor is voting for the opposition. All of it is a game to keep us fighting.

   No matter what happens before, during, and after this election date, please choose “love of all,” and break free from your Belief Prisons. 

I am simply suggesting we get back to being human instead of being pons in a game.

Story Copyrights© 2016 Ehsida Bisset All Rights Reserved