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Conversations With July

Influences can make or break a life
depending on how we interact with them
and how wisely we choose.

   The cosmos is vast and important to us. It continually introduces influences meant to test our integrity and identity for personal growth and self reflection. Sometimes this is rough and sometimes it’s a celebration.

   When we become aware of these influences, our ability to dance on the shifting cosmic carpet is enhanced, yet astrology can be technical and confusing at times and difficult to understand. 

   Instead of a regular complicated update I felt drawn to share “The story of July” with you, about who is coming to visit, and how to deal with the influence of ‘company.’

   On July 2 Uncle Eddy Eclipse will make a brief but memorable appearance at your doorstep, and all he wants to talk about is what’s NEW… all that must be renewed, refreshed, begun or reinstated as New. That’s his thing.

   Eddy always brings his magic flashlight that penetrates old barriers, shining a light on things we have never seen or considered before, about ourselves, life and others. 

   It’s all quite magical and exciting, as Eddie lends support and helps us recognize potentials for auspicious new beginning, while building strong foundations that support a life we prefer. 

   Take your time and think about what he spotlights, (What you feel and recognize) because it has the power to improve your journey in every way.

   July 3rd our glorious Auntie Venessa (Venus) will arrive with Uncle Ocean, (Cancer) and his wave of heart felt emotions.

   Auntie Vanessa is pure class; radiant with elegance and grace. When Auntie visits it’s difficult not to notice where our own energy doesn’t line up with being our very best.

   In her midst we focus on what we love, what we really want and who we want to be, or be with, and how magnificently beautiful integrity is when we weave it into difficult communications. 

   Auntie inspires self care and Uncle makes us feel safe to express difficult emotions so we can clear the slate and make way for new beginnings in friendships and relationships. 

   While they visit it’s a good time to talk about old thorns in your paw, so they can help extract the problem, relieve the pain and allow true healing to occur. They are great support relatives and very generous, so you could also find more abundance flowing while they are around.

   On July 8th Cousin Marsy (Mars) gets to sleep in your bedroom, wear all your clothing and even use your toothbrush. Marsy likes to boss you around, which could make you feel reactive and anxious. She arrives with her distant brother Merc (Mercury) who is always in his head, noticing every little detail and flaw, pointing out the worst scenario at every turn, so you may feel self conscious and somehow unsafe to take chances with your regular gusto, lest you be criticized or fall flat on your face…which you think about more when Merc is around. With Marsy egging you on to take fast aggressive action, and Merc highlighting insecurities, you feel torn between pulling within and pushing boldly forward. Breathe deeply on July 8th and practice being a wise observer.

   On July 9th Chatty Auntie Cher (Chiron) comes to stir up old memories from bad times gone by, just to make us rehash all the things we really don’t want to think about or face. Oh gosh, when will she leave?

   Auntie Cher is never that fun to be around, but this July she is in rare form arriving with her new boyfriend, Harry, (Aries) who agitates her tremendously, pushing her beyond old limits of stirring up old wounds. 

   Now she is going after our inner feelings of inadequacy, making us question the foundation of our lives, causing us to notice all that is broken and in need of repair. 

   If we don’t want to have these conversations with her, she puts on a megaphone so we cannot escape no matter where we go…causing us to move very deep within our subconscious for reprieve….only to find our subconscious is what her megaphone is actually broadcasting. Yikes. Nowhere to run, no where to hide.

   Just when we wanted to relax for summer we end up spending time clearing out the dark subconscious basement, throwing worn out things into the trash, and purging old ideas, beliefs and thoughts we used to think were comforting and concrete. We don’t really appreciate dear Auntie Cher until she’s gone.

   July 9th Wise Grampa Sunny (Sun – identity) comes to visit to remind us of our soul essence and why we are here. Uncle Ocean accompanies him as they are good friends. Together they help us find our roots, our inner home, and inner peace that leads to balance and joy. 

   If a negative habit exists, Grampa Sunny and Uncle Ocean notice it right away and whisper it to you in your dreams. They are so wise they would never attempt to force change; they encourage you to love and remember the YOU that you were before you had the negative habit or circumstances. 

   No struggle, no fight, no guilt, no nagging, just love and a dignified reflection of your most magnificent self. It’s up to you however, to align with the positive reflection instead of focusing on the negative reflection you may have come to believe is more real.

   July 11th Cousin Marsy (Mars) is back because she is in a bit of a pickle with her buddy Uri (Uranus.) No one really understands this conflict or how to help them because they are acting terribly unpredictable, causing people to feel uncertain, off balance, unsure, or up in the air about what comes next.  

   This affects the neighborhood, so many people start acting impulsive or temper-mental, putting things off until the last moment, causing frustration and possible blow ups. Luckily, pretty Auntie Venessa, and Uncle Ocean arrived early in the month to establish the inner foundation that helps us override this sort of agitation. Remember those peaceful feelings?

   What we can count on is that cousin Marsy (Mars) and her buddy Uri (Uranus) will help us become very aware of what makes us uneasy about ourselves and our life circumstances; what we have to do about it and who we need to be to avoid being pushed around by these energies in the future. You may notice kuffuffles around you until Marsy and Uri leave, at which time change and re-organizing become clear and a bit breezier.

   On July 14th Grampa Sunny (Sun) brings his friend Pluto over. This is quite a visit. Grampa is still supportive of our true identity and who we really want to be, while Pluto is drilling this home with great force. Pluto is a bit of a bully actually, continually yelling, “Do you see it? Are you in your foundation? Do you remember who you are? What are you doing about it?”

   This may make you want to prove to pushy Pluto that… YES thank you, I do see it! I am being all I can be! I do know my true identity, and I don’t need you to question me any longer because I am now living it just to keep you quiet.

   As much as we are a bit perturbed by Grampa bringing that feisty fellow Pluto around, we are forced to live up to our highest standards and that is always a good thing, because once Pluto leaves we feel quite a bit more powerful and authentic. 

   July 16th Luna Capa (Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn) the 90 year old ex cheerleader from next door comes to visit. Luna wants to rehash the old times and bring them to life again, but we are tired of the past and want to let it go and focus on something new. It just seems silly trying to be a pom pom girl at 90, even though it’s adorable and doable, why?

   Luna is a bit attached to hanging on to her cheerleader status and this incites everyone else to revisit their old ego identities because they want to prove how great and special they still are as well.

   What happens is something wonderful. As we all recall old talents that made us happy, we are inspired to reinvent ourselves in alignment with those old forgotten gifts to honor the sparkle of that part of our soul that is wanting to hang on to it…yet really wants to expand on something new and use it as a seed. 

   By the end of Luna’s visit we may have recognized our own and other people’s special gifts and talents, finding we have inspired each other to use a negative ego aspect to catapult us into a new realm of possibilities that actually feeds the soul and helps us ascend more joyfully through creative expression. Thanks Luna! You go girl!

   July 19th guess who’s still here asking for attention? Merc (Mercury retrograde.) Luckily Uncle Ocean (Cancer) is also here with his gentle wisdom. Merc and Uncle Ocean ask you to re-think things, rearrange perceptions, re-do, re-assess, and re-apply ideas that have been improved, and move within to find your best strategies.

   Merc and Uncle draw you a map to the inner world of wisdom so you know which way to turn when you can’t quite see the way out or around hurdles. Their map is helpful for drivers, cyclists, horses, pedestrians and magic flying fairies, so you have many perspectives to choose the best path.

   Once you move inside and view all avenues, suddenly a whole new world is revealed to reclaim valuable energy, which opens doors to answers you have longed for. All you had to do was follow the map (emotions and intuition) within.

   July 21’s Auntie Venessa (Venus) and Pluto are both scheduled to visit at the same time and this gets complicated because they view the world differently. Auntie lives in her heart and Pluto is an intellect.

   How much do you love something or someone, in comparison to what your rational mind tells you to do? If you don’t think you can have what you want, your heart will have to fight for it.

   July 22nd Grampa Sunny arrives with Leo and that combination always means fun. Grampa and Leo want to make everyone laugh and play and take great adventures. This is impossible to resist. Even if you have work to do, their playful urgings are meant to carry you through with lightheartedness. Let them lift you up and ride this energy for the rest of the year. 

   July 28th Auntie Venessa (Venus) returns again to visit her favorite nephew Leo who is camped out on your couch until August 22nd, making everyone laugh and wish they could just hang out and play. These two make each other so happy everyone around them appears more beautiful and lovable, making all the previous difficulties of the month melt away.

   July 29th Grampa Sunny (Sun – identity) shares a room in your house with Uri (Uranus – sudden change) These two stir up mischief together, intending to create positive changes without having to ask. No matter what appears to shift, the whole point of these two coming together is to transform your perspective so you begin to see yourself, life and others differently and choose the higher path, even if you are already on the highest peak of the Himalayas. 

  These two keep pushing you higher and higher to break old records or limits, and they won’t stop their positive pushing until real change happens….so just …change, as much as you can…. for the better. It will all be very worth it when we enter the Lions Gate transit in August, a platform that allows you to express the new you July’s visitors brought forth.

Blessings for a Joyful July


The past is no more.
The future is not yet.
We create new in each moment.


Astro Butterfly