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Sexual Healing

Your task is not to seek for love,
but merely to seek and find all the barriers
within yourself that you have built against it.

~ Rumi

   This past Tuesday, February, 19th 2019, we had a Full Super Moon in Virgo at Zero Degrees. This is extremely significant, as it launched the greatest healing influences we’ve ever had on the planet, in terms of energetic support for us to see our deepest wounds and clear them. This influence lasts for two week, so today we’ll dive into clearing out and healing old trauma to create a new foundation for a much brighter future.

   The root of all imbalance and wounding begins within our masculine and feminine energy. Whether you are a male or female you hold both masculine and feminine energies…this could be seen as your logical and emotional sides. A healthy masculine-feminine balance is the most necessary healing required for happiness and health in body, mind and soul, hence, it’s what we’ll dive into today!

   Imbalances within generally stem from wounding in childhood connected to a specific masculine or feminine guardian, causing the child to have imprinted aversions, judgements, or preferences toward one gender or the other, although sometimes it may be toward both. This cultivates unhealthy identification with gender principles within the self, instead of a balanced appreciation, love and respect for both the masculine and feminine energies within.

Basically, how you view your parents,
becomes how you view yourself and others 

   The following questions will help you prepare for the visualization. Please find your answers before you listen to the recording, and remember that no matter how you felt about your childhood guardians, whether it be positive or negative, your impressions led to beliefs about masculine and feminine energy that were based on child like perceptions from a newly developing mind.  This exercise is not about judgement, this is about discovering how you perceive masculine and feminine energy, so please be impeccably honest with your answers.


   How did your mother, or mother figures in your childhood
influence your beliefs about yourself and femininity?


My mother gave me the experience that I was her caregiver or her mother, even though I was just a child, causing me to miss aspects of my own childhood. Leading to beliefs such as…

Belief examples: My own needs don’t matter.  My worth is tied to being useful. Life is not fair. My life is about being responsible for everyone else. Women are needy, fragile and childish. (I attract relationships where I am the caregiver and never feel fully seen or honored for who I am.)

My mother brought up feelings for me of being unwanted and abandoned. Leading to beliefs such as…

Belief example: I am unworthy, unwanted and unlovable. There is something wrong with me. True love is not for me in this life. Women are irresponsible and cruel. I don’t need love, I’m fine without it. (I notice the faults of others so I can reject them as I was rejected.)

    How did your father or father figures in your childhood
influence your beliefs about yourself and masculinity?


My father brought up the experience of feeling afraid and dominated. Leading to beliefs such as…

Belief examples: It’s not safe for me to be powerful or exert my own masculine energy. I am weak and insignificant. I must submit to be accepted. Domination is more effective than love to get what I want. Men are bullies. (I attract bullies in relationships..or I become a bully when I’m afraid.)

My father brought up the feeling that I was a disappointment to him. Leading to beliefs such as…

Belief examples: I’m a failure. I’m a mistake. I never get it right. I disappoint everyone. I give up. I will do all I can to please and get approval and acceptance. Men are judgmental. (I must judge others to feel strong and less afraid of being judged.)

Once you find the main belief you want to replace from your own personal experience, find its opposite to return balance. 


Old belief – I’m a failure

New Belief – I was born triumphant. I am a success through and through. 

Old belief – Men are critical and close hearted

New Belief – When I get in touch with how I feel, instead of relying on logic alone, I share with confidence and deep wisdom, leading to ultimate harmony and success. 

Old belief: I’m inadequate

New Belief: I am powerful and capable

Old belief: Women are needy and weak

New Belief:  I feel stronger and wiser when I open to my most sensitive emotions.

   Read the new affirmation you just created for yourself out loud and continue to affirm these new beliefs and ideas and how they pertains to your inner feminine and masculine energies until you feel you have merged with the new way of seeing yourself. This often takes at least 3 months, but the rewards last a lifetime and you are worth it. 

   Before you begin the visualization, please have your affirmation near by so you can refer to it during the exercise if need be.

   If you do not like the wording in this visualization, please replace the words in your mind with those of your choice. This is an advanced visualization, and it could trigger old pain  for those who have not done prior healing work, or who have deep wounding, so please ask your higher self and feel intuitively if this is right for you before you go further. For those who received a no, please stop here and continue with your affirmations. For those who received a yes, you are agreeing to take responsibility for any emotions or perceptions that arise during this visualization.

This is best performed before sleep state. Prepare for visualization


May all hearts be healed


“Through love all pain will turn to medicine.”

~ Rumi