Crickets…or a Choir of Angels?


My dear friend Harrigan Logan, (Daughter of Joshua Logan, the Pulitzer Prize winning playwright for SOUTH PACIFIC; 9-time Tony Award winning Director and Producer of ANNIE GET YOUR GUN, SOUTH PACIFIC, MISTER ROBERTS and PICNIC; who also directed the 1956 film, BUS STOP, which many consider Marilyn Monroe’s finest performance,) must be the best storyteller in the world… no, wait… the Universe. Each time we visit I wait breathlessly like a little child in a movie theater seeing my first film, anticipating Harrigan’s next story, knowing I will be riveted to tears and tickled into uproarious never ending laughter.
Stories she shared even ten and twenty years ago still run through my mind at unexpected times, causing me to burst into loud chuckles in odd places such as the post office or bank etc. Many may think I’ve lost my marbles, but truly unexpected intermittent laughter is unavoidable due to Harrigan’s prolific humor captured so colorfully in the many chambers of my mind with her vivid imagery and wonderful inflections of voice.
Her latest story – being that music is her passion – was about Jim Wilson’s crickets. Jim recorded crickets singing in his back yard, then brought the recording to a sound studio. On one track he kept the crickets at their normal speed and on another track he slowed the crickets’ song down. When he did that, the slower track magically revealed to human ears a cricket choir that sounds much like heavenly angels singing. It gives you chills to hear it. You must check it out on the link below: 
And while your at it, check out Harrigan’s music. Not only is she a profound story teller, she is possibly one of the best musicians in the world…no, wait…the Universe.
           Harrigan’s  Logan’s Music           Jim Wilson’s Crickets




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