Hidden In The Dark

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  Light reveals information, insights and truth. In the light of day we see clearly; in the dark of night much is easily hidden from the general public. Darkness expresses deception, trickery, pretense and duplicity. Darkness uses the innocence of good people to toy with perceptions of reality to further a dark agenda.

   Beings of light living honest lives cannot comprehend or bring themselves to believe that any life form in existence could be anything but good, just like themselves. We can only perceive through the eyes of who we are. This is why it often takes awakening, or devastation, personal destruction, hitting the very bottom of the pit of agony, and sometimes death, for a being of light to gain a greater understanding of duality in this dimension.

   Only when darkness is acknowledged and understood without fear or judgement, do we have power over our lives and the ability to apply our FREE WILL to reach a life filled with goodness. Without clear knowledge of how the dark side operates, how would a light being know what they must stand up and say NO to?


   At 8:30 a.m. on January 28th, 1986, I was driving to a music lesson near the beach in Santa Barbara.  It was a beautiful crisp sunny winter morning with swirling white puffy clouds decorating a magnificent azure sky.

   I remember the taste of salt from the ocean on my tongue, the temperature of the air and the deep gravelly tone of the news casters voice as he announced the successful live launch of the space-shuttle Challenger at Cape Canaveral. I remember the cheers and applause quickly turning to stunned gasps 73 seconds after the launch when a booster failed causing the Challenger to break apart and explode in mid air, reportedly killing all 7 astronauts on board.

   Horrified, I had to pull over. I thought of Sharon Christa MC Auliffe, the school teacher on board and all the children in her classroom. I thought of her own children and her husband and the families of everyone on the Space-shuttle Challenger. Many of you may also remember details of where you were on that fateful day when you heard the news.

Time Reveals Truth

   Truth is a jewel. It’s the entry point to our highest path and the revealer of everything we must know in this dimension to help us wake up, grow stronger and evolve, therefor, I always seek it out. Whenever something feels like it has a shadow attached to it, I research it… and, it appears 6 of the seven astronauts who were said to be on board the Space-shuttle Challenger are “apparently” still alive and doing quite well today. Take a look and see what you think.

“We lied about EVERYTHING.”

BellCom ~ NASA Insider


Do you see the resemblance of Challenger pilot Michael J. Smith and professor Michael J. Smith of University of Wisconsin? They also share the same birth date.


Do you see the resemblance of Sharon Christa MC Auliffe, the school teacher on board the fated Space-shuttle Challenger and Sharon MC Auliffe, a professor at Syracuse Law University today? They also share the same birthdate.


Do you see the resemblance between the Challengers Francis Richard (Dick) Scobee and Dick Scobee, CEO of Cows in Trees limited today? Same birthdate.


Do you see the resemblance between Judith Resnic, a challenger mission specialist and Judith Resnic Professor at Yale Law today with the same birthdate?


Carl McNair, claims to be an identical twin to Ronald McNair. There appears to be no record of a twin before the launch.


Apparently Claude Onizuka is Ellison Onizuka’s twin, however, there seems to be no record of a twin before the launch and twin births in Asian populations are extraordinarily rare.


The corporations that own the news are even more interesting to research.

There is no rule against distorting or falsifying the news in the United States.

   US appeals court rule that falsifying news is not illegal. Mainstream media is completely corrupted as are our so called “news” sources. Mainstream media is simply a tool of the power structure, by the power structure, and for the power structure. Those who use corporate media for their information are either extremely ignorant, not interested in the truth, or both. Unfortunately, this is the case for a very high percentage of populations around the globe. Ignorance will not be bliss for much longer as the walls close in on us all. We should all confidently make the attempt to wake those around us, our lives and our future depend on it.

Dane Wigington



    The Challenger mishap reveals one main area of humanities “orchestrated mis-perception of reality,” that is currently falling apart. Once the truth about space is revealed, everything will change.  This will be covered in future posts.

   The information in this post is based on my own research. I have never met or spoken to the people mentioned above. Anything you read, watch or hear, including this post, must be researched.  When you question everything, you are more likely to retain your FREE WILL to say no to things you do not want and stand up for things that feel good to you. I highly recommend you do extensive research on anyone you may consider selecting for any position of power. Even under the laws of karma, ignorance is no excuse for what you set into motion.


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