Between Dream and Awake

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There is a place between sleep and awake
where we remember the beauty of the dream and we want it to last,
yet we continue to become more aware of waking reality.
Then we awake and the comfort of the dream is nowhere to be found.
This is what life may feel like for many who sense the sweetness,
familiarity or joy of their old way of life slipping away.

What they need to know is that something vastly more fulfilling
is waiting to take it’s place.  

Beings who arrived on earth with a 100% spiritual focus, who sought enlightenment or displayed unconditional love for humanity as their main focus in life, were the first beings to move into the very difficult and tumultuous first wave of ascension on earth. Due to their practice at integrating precarious spiritual shifts and energy downloads through meditation; sensing and trusting the unseen world, they were ready for the 5D energy. It was, in fact, pre-planned that they would move through this tunnel of transformation first to test the waters and guide those in the second and third wave of ascension, and to be able to assure them all is well and life is about to get much much better, no matter how fearful, sad or hopeless life may appear at this juncture.

There is NO hierarchy in waves of ascension! There are simply different assignments for different souls, such as, O.k. this soul likes to play the harp and this soul likes to play the piano and this soul likes to play the drums and they all must enter the song at their own time for the melody to work. We are all doing this together.

The second wave of ascension is made up of very loving beings who were more excited about wielding expertise in the physical world. They are often the most capable movers and shakers. Those who excel at physical manifestation, may find ascension a bit daunting, as spiritual shifting can be confusing, terrifying and profoundly unfamiliar to a mind more focused in physical reality, science, security, physical accomplishment and mental reasoning.

Healers who relied on surgery, medication, herbs, and vitamins etc. are now discovering science alone does not hold all the answers. Love, intuition, faith and spiritual insights are often required to open the way for a total healing. Business people who relied on long hours, meetings, co-workers, marketing, and giving it their all, may find that no matter how much time and energy they dedicate to their business, marketing and intermingling etc., they are not achieving the usual and expected success, or reaching that place of being able to relax as they had projected many years ago. The universe is nudging them to make joy the center of their life, and to develop their spiritual powers. For example, many people have the ability right now to open their third eye and see beyond the veil, but they won’t  be inspired in this direction unless they continue to hit walls in physical reality. Opening the third eye and much more is not only possible but very probable right now. If you want greater clarity on your life that has eluded the reasoning mind, focus on developing your spiritual powers. This will open many doors to your career path, and more importantly it will help you ascend. 

People focused on doing things to please and appease others in relationships, are now finding no matter how far they bend backward to compromise… happiness, peace, love and harmony are not arising. They are being invited to focus on loving themselves to experience the safety, acceptance and fulfillment they have unsuccessfully sought from others. Some people simply feel lost without any direction, purpose or meaning in life. They are being asked to discover their spiritual significance instead of their place in the world. If you are feeling discourage by news broadcasts or appalled by other people’s behavior, you are being asked to bless those who are still asleep. If you are relying on some form of escape, habit or addiction to avoid your pain, you are being asked to love and accept that part of you that is in pain. If you are not taking excellent care of your body, you are being asked to realize your body is a reflection of how you see yourself.

Some people are facing the loss of beloved friends and family members, or a dear soulmate pet. These people are being nudged to tune into higher dimensions where communication is possible, natural and often more intimate and fun.  Others are experiencing severe health issues that threaten their lives and/or livelihood. These folks are being asked to love themselves and others unconditionally, to release the past completely and to develop and trust their greater spiritual powers, including intuition and higher guidance that will lead to a thorough healing. And some are simply choosing to leave, but giving their beloved partners and family members time to acclimate to the inevitable loss. Some friends are fearing the loss of youth and beauty. The universe is encouraging them to love and accept the self at every stage in life and to expand their consciousness to include immortality.

 Some people are embracing these spiritual opportunities easily
and others are white knuckling the old 3D paradigm trying to avoid change.

The harder people try resist change, or forge forward with physical effort and mental reasoning alone, the more defeat, loss of dignity and pain they are faced with. This is not a punishment of any sort.

Dismantling life as we know it is part of the shift?
We are all being stripped of everything that keeps us from our higher power.

When a mama or papa bird wants to teach a baby bird to fly, it will nudge it out of the nest from a place of love and compassion. Terrifying as it is to leave the comfort of cozy familiarity, the youngling instinctively figures out how to fly. It’s a miracle. As the birdie continues to test its wings it discovers it can soar to greater and greater heights.

taking flight

Whatever you are experiencing right now, or witnessing in the world around you, please do not fear or lose hope. Do not beat yourself up or blame yourself or others. This is a divine plan meant to help us all find our wings and move to higher and higher experiences of our true power as spiritual beings.

How do we do this?

Imagine you have entered a new world you are excited to discover. It is very different from any world you have ever experienced. Play with your senses in this new world. What is the most important sense to you? Hearing, smelling, tasting, seeing, feeling, imagining, loving? Find your favorite sense and allow it to open as much as possible to the unknown world. Then ask questions and allow your favorite sense to guide you to the answers.

What do I need to let go of to feel free?
Do I love myself enough to let go?
Who would I be if I could be the ultimate me?
What would motivate me and interest me if I was assured 100% success,
and given all the support and help I could ever dream of?

How can I develop my spiritual powers?

What have you always longed to hear from your higher self and the world?
What internal shift would allow you to be more passionate
about life than ever before?
What shift within you would make it possible for you to
love and trust life the way you did as a child?
What insight or shift would allow you to love yourself unconditionally
no matter the circumstances?
What shift within you, would make it easier for you
to love others unconditionally?
What would make life worth living that is not based on the outer world?
What do you long to FEEL more than anything?
What do you want to contribute to this new world?
What makes you feel infinitely powerful and growing in your ability to love,
laugh and contribute each day?

Remember, these are new wings. You don’t have to know all the answers. You are simply being invited to play with new ways of processing to practice strengthening your 5D wings each day. 5D consciousness lives without wondering what will happen in the world and asks, who am I and what do I have to offer the world? 

Let the outer world unravel as it may and trust the universe will take care of you. Let go of anything you have been grasping onto out of fear. Can you hear yourself or someone else’s 3D programming kicking and screaming right now? Is it pointing out why trusting life is impossible? Love that part of you or your friend. It’s a scared child writhing with uncertainty, that needs and deserves comforting.

If you can’t love others right now, love that part of you that can’t. If you can’t embrace circumstances in your life or the world at large right now, love that part of you that is terrified.

You are the bird being nudged from the nest.
You have wings you never knew you had
that will catch you and lift you higher than you ever imagined.
Faith in yourself is the magic that enables you to take flight.
All is well in the sky.

First we were asleep dreaming a beautiful dream, now we are awakening and shifting what occurred while we slept. Soon we will fully awaken and enter a new reality that reveals our innate powers that we sleepily forgot existed.

This is a new beginning. If you need a little extra love along the way,
I am here for you.

May you be blessed with the power of flight
to soar to heights you never imagined possible. (12)-1

Ehsida Bisset

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Story Copyrights© 2016   Ehsida Bisset    All Rights Reserved

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