Keeping the Faith

“Be kind whenever possible.
It’s always possible.”

Dalai Lama

   Recently made the long drive from Canada to Santa Barbara, arriving with a car in great need of a wash. Found a place close by and asked for the works inside and out. After about 30 minutes my car re-appeared with a few guys drying the remaining drops, then a red cloth waved in the air alerting me to collect my vehicle.

   When I moved closer to my car however, I was shocked. It appeared my great journey south lingered as if my car had not been washed at all. I asked the attendants if they would clean off the remaining dirt, but they simply walked away.

   What to do? I grabbed a cloth and began rubbing the dirt off myself. Passers by must have wondered when they began hiring females at the car wash. After about ten minutes of diligence one kind fellow appeared with more cloths and some spray and helped me for another 15 minutes getting the remaining debris off the car while 5 guys with rags in their back pockets sat around watching us with no other cars in the cue to dry but mine. 

   I paid attention to this kind fellow helping me. He was doing his very best; not missing a speck; putting muscle into every inch, sincerely wanting to do a good job. He received his tip and all the bystanders tips as well.

   This situation demonstrates something I have noticed appearing more and more over the past ten years. Workers biding their time to collect a paycheck, verses living deeply in each moment to be the very best version of themselves possible, in service to bettering life all around. 

   That lone car wash attendant made a huge impact on my day, because someone actually cared and extended generously to make my life easier and better. It’s these acts of kindness that make life worth living and give us hope, faith in humanity and a reason to trust.

We uplift all of humanity and ourselves with each kind act we offer.