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Energy moves in spirals.
Spirals hold architectural intelligence. 
This intelligence communicates with us.

   As we learn to sense and decipher energy architectures, we develop higher sensory perception, discernment, and clear intuition imperative to knowing the truth, choosing the right path, the right people and the most beneficial life giving circumstances.

   Most of us may have at one point been impressed by a person who was very charming, famous, good looking, rich, fun or very likable, only to find they had ill intentions. If we had read the energy signature that person was putting out through our heart-feeling- sensory mechanism, bypassing the hype the ego was dazzled by, we may have felt or sensed a depletion occurring in our heart center just by thinking about that person.

   Reading energy architectures through the heart teaches us quite clearly; all that glitters isn’t gold; all that excites the ego or the instinctual drive may not be good for us, and all we are told, all we want to believe is true, may not be.

The ego, every time, will guide us to choose poorly,
to overpower others or
 give our power away. 
The heart, every time, will guide us to greater happiness,
confidence, truth, sovereignty and vitality.

   The image above is a positive energy spiral holding the mathematics of inner sustainability; infinite energy flow to and from the Creation Fields. Can you feel how this spiral effects your heart?

   Now picture the reverse of this spiral, with energy moving in the opposite direction. The reverse symbol may be seen as the swastika used for war. Feel what the reversed spiral, (which I prefer not to post here,) does to your heart. For most there will be an energy drain with the reversal, causing the heart to close off in a protective mode.  This is a powerful exercise to practice discernment. When you feel your heart close off to something, it may be false, or harmful. If you feel your heart relax or remain neutral, it may be truthful or beneficial. 

   You can use the exercise above on any form of information or energy architecture being offered
to feel if it is true or false, beneficial or harmful.

    May the following song be a strong support for you to embrace the infinite energy flow of the Krystal Spiral. This energy architecture can dissolve fear and open new doors for greater discernment in these challenging times. The Krystal Spiral architecture and frequency of Ka Ra Ya Sa Ta Aa La responds to your intentions, so choose your intentions clearly for the energy field you are building as you listen to the song. For example:

May these frequencies enhance my intuition, fortify my energy, and
strengthen my health, vitality and inner peace.


May we be Krystal calm and diamond strong


Your focused intention IS what manifests future structures
Choose clearly what you are focusing on every moment

The heart holds our truth and the truth holds infinite peace.


KaRaYaSaTaAaLa music by Holly Mae Haddock at LionSong

Basic points and symbol 

Lisa Renee ~ Energetic Synthesis
Mhairi & Sequoia ~ Omnilov