Your Light House

Change your thoughts and you change your world.

~ Norman Vincent Peale

   The field that surrounds your body is much like litmus paper, constantly capturing impressions of your thoughts and emotions. In other words, the universe is always listening, recording, and responding in kind to your inner music.

   These recordings; the impressions your thoughts and emotions make, form an energetic field around you that represents your current state of being. If you’re happy and filled with celebration, your field will look bright and clear. If you’re frustrated, sad, or filled with negative or limiting thoughts, your field will appear cloudy or dark.

   This field that you generate touches other people and circumstances in your life…leading to your very own life experiences. 

   If you have been under prolonged stress, trauma or tumultuous circumstances for a significant period of time, your energy field can take on a life of its own…literally. The dark matter becomes thick and very low vibrational, making it much more difficult to break free from negativity, fear, self doubt and pessimistic thinking. 

Humans in their natural state are innately positive, loving, kind and optimistic. 

   If you are having negative, self deprecating, doubtful or critical thoughts, this is not your natural state and you may benefit from a daily clearing. Even when you feel great, it’s beneficial to clear your field each day to maintain the highest frequency possible. The higher your frequency, the better your life circumstances.

Thought, intention, imagination and visualization 
are massively potent tools that carry enormous power to transform your life. 

   If you imagine a sour lemon on your tongue right now you will stimulate saliva through imagination alone. Imagination and thought have very specific effects on your body, your senses and your field.

Clearing your field:

   Every morning imagine a very bright opalescent liquid elixir directly from Source flowing through the top of your head to the tips of your toes purifying your entire body. Then imagine that brilliant opalescent light soothing each cell, illuminating your DNA, activating higher vitality and rejuvenating stem cells for fresh new energy.

   Swirl that energy counterclockwise (to build energy) around your body, like a cylinder of glowing opalescent light with a sunshine golden glow, surrounding your body four feet above your head to twelve inched beneath your feet, extending beyond your outstretched arms. This is your “light house.” It will protect you from lower vibrational fields as it builds and grows around you. Each day you practice you accumulate more power, energy, protection, and connection to your higher intelligence.

   This will make it much easier to remain positive, optimistic, creative and excited about life every day. In fact, every day becomes more of a celebration.

What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality.


Blessings on your light filled journey my friends