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Ready Or Not, Here It Comes

“Light is a symbol of truth.”

James Russell Lowell

   The first solar eclipse of 2019 took place in the western hemisphere today, January 5th, 2019. An eclipse brings our attention to darkness that must move away from the sun’s path for light to shine again. This is exactly the effect eclipses have on our personal lives. Many of us will receive clarity on darkness that blocks us, so we may remove it from our path and lighten up.

   Tomorrow, January 6th is known as the day of Epiphany, which is symbolic of the Magi acknowledging a small child in a manger as a Divine being, here to anchor unconditional love back on earth. 

Today’s eclipse may reveal blocks you are ready to see. 
“The Epiphany” clarifies blocks or darkness keeping you from your divine path.
Tonight’s New Moon offers fertile ground to plant the seed of a new choice.

Will you choose a new path of greater light?
Or allow darkness to block your highest path?

   Moon and sun phases read much like chapters in books. They begin and end stories or cycles in our lives. Last year’s Leo New Moon on August 11th of 2018, opened a portal of transformation for those wishing to release old negative behaviors and toxic family lineage patterns.  At that time “light of some sort” may have illuminated areas in life that needed to be changed for positive transformation and healing to occur.

   Many may have felt the last part of 2018 was a “dark night of the soul” as the universe shone a more intense light on all that had to be dissolved for the higher frequencies or higher ways of life to be reached. This portal will come to a close with the Leo Full Moon January 21st 2019.  For those who released their demons, your life will reap the reward of new beginnings with a more abundant, light and peaceful feel. 

   Although every planetary alignment signifies specific influences and opportunities, every day of 2019 will be impactful and the choices you make this week will prove significant in months to come.  Choose wisely and with illuminated clarity.

Blessings on your bright New Year journey my dear friends