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Spring Portal of New Beginnings

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The key to positive change
is to focus 
on the 
as though it is already

   With the planet Chiron in Pisces the past nine years, life may have felt like a death of some sort for many, with ongoing uncertainty, deep soul searching, abrupt changes, definitive endings, releasing, purging and powerful transformation.  The old self was being dissolved, so the essential self could emerge, allowing us to fully embrace the next level of self mastery. 

   As we expand further through spring, life will smooth out and feel much more forward moving as the healing planet Chiron nestles into to the fearless constellation of Aries. This collaboration will help us heal old traumas as it humbles the ego and strengthens our connection with the higher self.

   Chiron in Pisces heralded significant endings.
Chiron in Aries will inspire remarkable new beginnings. 

   The symbol of Chiron is a key, as it unlocks and reveals our deepest wounds to set us free. Chiron is the alchemist, turning misery into opportunity and pain into creativity as we find the source of our triggers, embrace the events and surrender to deeper truths the ego has resisted.

   From now until April 20th we are in a portal of time accelerating our potential to reach beyond “who” we have been before. This marks a crucial opportunity to make important adjustments in how we see the self,  so we can set ourselves free from old limitations, and negative associations. Its time to recognize and release unfortunate choices from the past, addictions, defeating thought processes and painful memories once and for all, as we enter the zero point field of new beginnings on the 21st of April 2019.

   As fears resolve and old wounds heal we will become much more focused on what makes life worth living, leading us to deeper soul bonding, self expression, and intimate sharing of who we really came here to be.

   This is the beginning of a greater you and a greater world. Its time to be your most authentic self from the inside out, to enjoy life to its fullest and anchor an Idealistic future for yourself and humanity.

   Blessings in this expanding new era of personal power and self sovereignty my dear friends

May all hearts be whole and happy