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   “Reality continues to ruin my life.”

~ Bill Watterson

   On a sultry mid summers eve in the tiny town of Tiro, a  small chap named Parvu was born. (Parvu simply means child.) When he was hungry he cried, when he was wet he screamed, when he was upset he wailed and when his needs were met he slept. Just as any sweet babe, Parvu had one consideration… himself.

     On his second birthday Teddy arrived, a raggedy stuffed bear with a permanent smile. As months turned into years Teddy became Parvu’s greatest comfort and felt they had a real relationship, turning to him in times of need. He hugged Teddy until he was torn and tattered, punched him in the tummy to test his own growing strength and told him secrets he couldn’t tell anyone else. 

   Everything was just as Parvu desired until his dreaded fifth birthday when Auntie Margo arrived with a big bag of toys, wafting through a sea of balloons and streamers; her head pounding on its way to a migraine with Parvu’s constant banging on his new drums.

“Parvu Darling, will you please stop playing the drums dear, my head is hurting.”

    Parvu looked at her incredulous. What? I am a child! I can do as I please! My world revolves around me! My needs must be met! I want to play the drums and that is exactly what I will do! In fact, I’m determined to do exactly the opposite of what anyone asks me just to prove this point for the rest of my life.

    Parvu struck the cymbals as loudly as he could, turned the amplifyer up full blast and pounded on his shiny new drum set as hard as he could. He would show old Aunt Margo.

   Parvu was a force to be reckoned with and it all seemed easier to let him be. He was just a child, surely he would grow out of it.

   Years later Parvu met a girl in school he liked. Actually, there were quite a few, but he thought he should have the best, so he chose Tammy and she agreed to swing on the swing set with him. But Tammy did not want to talk about BB guns and shooting birds, so he concluded she was boring and ditched her for Marcy. Up close Marcy had freckles, so Parvu told her she was ugly and made fun of her with the other children, while he flirted with Shelley, who had a very pretty smile. Soon enough, Parvu realized he didn’t like Shelley’s laugh, so he told her she sounded like a baboon… and on it went as Parvu continued to choose self indulgence over  empathy, as any two year old trapped in a ten year old body would do.

   As time went on Parvu became grumpy because things just were not going his way. None of the other children were like Teddy. They talked back, they had opinions, they didn’t do exactly as he wanted them to and he was not about to take it. Eventually no one wanted to be around Parvu and he was certain everyone else was just stupid. Teddy understood completely.

    With two eclipses this month, one in Cancer, (the mother) and one in Capricorn, (the father,) the wounded inner child may have been emerging for many people ….possibly causing a few tantrums and hurt feelings.

     When a person says cruel things on purpose, blames,  shames, manipulates, needs to be right or to win etc., their inner toddler is in charge.  

   July may be our toughest growth spurt thus far as we look within at our own behavior and ask, “How old am I when I become upset?” “How old are my friends, co-workers, family members or partners during times of trouble?”

Your heart knows the way
run in that direction

~ Rumi