The Ascension




   Hikers scaling the cliffs of Mount Everest often report odd symptoms when ascending to levels higher than 8,000 feet above sea level, such as disorientation, dizziness, confusion, head pain, strange dreams, or insomnia, nausea, irritability, fainting, breathing challenges, weak muscles, headaches, rapid heartbeat, sadness, anger, depression and social withdrawal.

Similarly, as we ascend to higher dimensions in consciousness, many people are experiencing these very symptoms as the body – mind acclimates into unfamiliar territory.

At this point in time, your body may be requiring more sleep, tenderness, hydration, deep breathing and nutrition to remain alert and at peace, as the spiritual ascension we are all experiencing takes place.

This weekend is symbolic of a very profound Spiritual Ascension in history that paved the way for us today.

What is Spiritual Ascension?
The transformation of consciousness from one dimension to the next.

 Length has one dimension.
Length and width offer two dimensions.
Length, width, and depth, offer three dimension.
An object that exists and then ceases to exist has an experience or duration, giving it four dimensions.
An object that exists in more than one space, or that always existed and can never cease to exist, has five dimensions.

In terms of consciousness, this world has been rooted in the Third Dimension of matter.
Typical ideas in Third Dimensional consciousness:
I am just a body
Without physical proof or evidence to support something, it obviously doesn’t exist.
Science is the highest and only authority.
Anything different from me is wrong and bad.
All that exists is physical.
Power, control, domination and superiority motivate me.
People should behave as I command.
I am rational, logical and pragmatic, therefor, I am always right.
Each man for himself.

The vast majority of society existed in a Third Dimensional reality prior to 2012, hence the survival, power, control theme on earth.

The Fourth Dimension stretches and bends, allowing connections to be made that are not possible in Third Dimensional consciousness. The Fourth Dimension introduces emotion; energy in motion which leads to imagination, visualization, and connections to more expansive realities. The unseen or invisible realms become experiential in the Fourth Dimension.

Fourth Dimensional ideas:
My feelings guide and often control me.
I sense things I can’t see or explain rationally.
I am more than just this physical body.
Dogmatic ideas limit and suffocate me.
I can learn from other people and cultures.
I am driven by creativity and tenderness.
 True friendships make me feel safe.

In Fourth Dimensional consciousness humans begin to understand there is more to life than the body, mind, and physical reality. In this realm emotions can run rampant, making Fourth Dimensional beings appear impractical, weak, and often incomprehensibly silly or irresponsible to Third Dimensional beings who have little to no experience of emotion, empathy, or conscience. Those rooted in the Third Dimension are often masters at molding physical reality, dominating wealth, sexual seduction, charisma, implementing dogmatic ideas and gaining powerful positions in society where others must follow their rules. Hence, Third Dimensional consciousness easily overpowers, conquers and controls those rooted in a Fourth Dimensional experience of life. The rock can crush the flower, but the flower has a higher consciousness, greater resilience, radiance and a vaster experience of reality.

Fifth Dimension

An object that exists in more than one space, or that always existed and can never cease to exist, has five dimensions. The Fifth Dimension is incomprehensible to Third Dimensional consciousness because it’s not based in rational thought. A straight line can’t comprehend the existence of a sphere.

Fifth Dimensional consciousness is an experience far above the third and fourth dimension in a reality beyond time and space, no longer tethered to body, mind and emotion. This level of consciousness witnesses life from a birds eye view the human mind finds difficult to comprehend.

Fifth Dimensional experiences:
I am everything, and everywhere at once.
There is no separation. We are all One. We are all Divine.
I am Source energy.
Only the Good is real. 

I am safe at all times no matter what.
My consciousness will always exist.
Everything is first and foremost consciousness.

Fifth Dimensional consciousness may appear even more infuriating or absurd to those of a Third Dimensional awareness who find safety by rooting themselves in ideas of solidity, physical laws, and logic. This may explain why those who have reached a Fifth Dimensional awareness throughout history have been ridiculed, murdered and discredited by those of a Third Dimensional consciousness. This is similar to a blind person incarcerating an artist for claiming there is something they describe as color. 

As this world ascends more people are finding it is no longer comforting to hold onto the limiting concepts of Third Dimensional consciousness for stability, security and reliability, such as being dominated and ruled by dogma and controlled by dictators.

As we ascend into higher dimensions we realize Third Dimensional consciousness is no longer the only choice on earth, and soon it will no longer represent the majority.

Whether you can identify with one dimension described above or see yourself in a few of these dimensions at once, we are all ascending to higher levels of consciousness where life holds more possibilities. This weekend brings many to a significant peak where life itself may feel rather unstable, unpredictable, unfamiliar and quite frankly, a bit disconcerting at times. As intense as things may appear right now for you or those you love, or the world at large, we can always find comfort by surrendering to love.

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 2.45.14 PM

If you are experiencing strange symptoms, such as depression, panic, anxiety, instability, confusion, upset, fatigue, restlessness, dizziness, fearfulness, sleeplessness, worry, or loss, put your focus on the first thing you can find to appreciate in your life and the discomfort may pass more quickly. Of course, use your own discernment and care for your body- mind in ways you trust and if you need someone to talk to, I’m here for you.

May your light, love and intuition guide you to greater peace.
Happy Ascending!

Ehsida Bisset


Story Copyright © 2016  Ehsida Bisset   All Rights Reserved