The Jinn


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   Once the Creator Gods, known as The Family of Light, had Tiramet secure in this far reaching corner of the galaxy, they got to work mending the planet and all the beings they were able to rescue.

   As things settled it became apparent that every human on Tiramet, now Earth, had a dark counterpart. These counterparts were known as Jinn. Just as humans were mini creator gods, the Jinn were mini dark lords. They made mischief that was not so simple to remedy. The chaos and frustration this developed generated a need for a fast solution.

    After studying this new anomaly called darkness in the mini dark lords, The Family of Light realized these creations simply had no spark, nor did they have any awareness of Source or how to use their higher potential. They were like light bulbs that had never been turned on, although they were wired to ignite if they ever chose to. Without their own source of energy, they fed on the energy of humans to recharge and exist. 

Just as love, joy, kindness, honor, respect, gentleness and bonding feed a human soul,
fear, sadness, rage, cruelty, humiliation, apathy and confusion feed dark beings. 

Therefor, the Jinn went about creating suffering and conflict for the humans
to feed off the negative emotions this inspired. 

   Until The Family of Light could find a solution, they had to separate the Jinn from humans, so they projected an artificial construct, much like a bubble of frequency that could contain the Jinn in their very own world.

   This bubble frequency became known as the 4th dimension. If you are unfamiliar with other dimensions, scientists and physicists today, such as Michio Kushi and Stephen Hawking have written profusely about other dimensions in their books.  

   The Jinn soon found a way to separate from their physical bodies trapped in the 4th dimension, and leak out from their frequency bubble as a shadow or energy body and interact energetically on the 3rd dimension.  

   Citizens in the West are relatively unaware of the existence of Jinn, however, many other cultures on earth are well informed. In numerous religious texts there are discourses that not only describe who and what the Jinn are, they go into detail about how to protect yourself from Jinn.

   In the West we receive fairy tales about a Genie in a bottle. This is a symbolic representation of Jinn trapped in the artificial construct. Jinn have been known to grant wishes and follow the command of those who know how to rub them the right way.

The Family of Light  have recently discovered that once light beings clear all fear and negativity from their system, their dark counterpart transforms, and a new balance takes place. In this way we can all contribute to making a better world.



 Story Copyright © 2016   Ehsida Bisset   All Rights Reserved 



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