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The Majestic

There are two paths in life.
One is mysteriously fading.

   We are groomed to see people as good or bad, right or wrong, successful or failures, respected or disregarded, republican or democrat, enemy or comrade. We are encouraged to divide and conquer; build WILL and fortify the ego to be all that we can be.

   The soldier within must destroy any nemesis; sometimes even love, to accomplish the mission, which is to be victorious in life…to be superior, to win. It’s a constant fight, constant scoring of points, constant conquering of something or someone. The soldier within is a servant to winning or being defeated.

   In our life training we hold back tears, fears, anger, sadness, needs, truths, etc. to succeed. As this cloud of suppression expands we disappear into a shell of unhealed pain, causing life to appear as a struggle; a goal to be reached, an ailment to be healed, a relationship to be released, a bill to be paid, or a problem to be solved.


   In ancient mystery schools a child was not taught good and bad, right and wrong, punishment and reward. The child was simply inspired to grow their personal awareness. Moment to moment they were encouraged to become familiar with inner and outer truth, the motivations of self and others, how behavior mirrors morals, integrity and character. The cause and affect of actions, the length of a desire, the core of a need, the Source of intuition, the power of feelings, the creative potential of thoughts, the sovereignty of higher knowing.

   These children grew to be inwardly fulfilled. They were the chosen benevolent Emperors of old we rarely hear about, such as King Arthur, Richard Coeur de Lion A.K.A. Richard the Lionhearted; King of England, The Hunyadi Royal family 15th century Hungary, the Rosicrucian Royal family Hungary, Ukraine and Poland and the Maji Grail Lines . 

They exuded their majesty
and infused others with their royal nature.

   These people could not be enslaved by anyone. They had already won the greatest victory; knowing the sovereignty of being oneself without an outside master.

   This is the fading royal path of the Emperor. This is a path for the majestic and it begins with being natural and true to the inner self, not to the pressures of life. 

   For those who have the courage to feel every emotion and harness your energy wisely; to make choices from a place of dignity, wisdom, and kindness without any need to control others. For those who master every thought, sculpting the mind into a dutiful servant. For those who observe the world without adding to, or entering into the war others engage in…

I address you dear friend as… Your Majesty.


This is the Sacred Royal Hungarian Crown,
connected with some of the most benevolent and loving rulers of old.

The 23.5 degree tilt of the equal leg cross on top
represents the unnatural 23.5 degree tilt of the earth
and the desire to correct it.

Special thanks to Agni