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The Melody of New Life

It always seems impossible…
until it’s done

   This ancient hallowed symbol known as the Flower of Life can be found emblazoned on devotional rocks, holy walls, pyramids, palaces, temples, ashrams, churches, crop circles and sacred sites around the world. It was known as the most powerful symbol of life and appeared to have restorative qualities. Coveted and held secret during the time of Pythagorus, it was believed those who held the symbol would gain such great power they could overtake others, so it was kept hidden from the masses. 

   Why did this symbol have so much power? It represents the perfect geometry of the highest potential of the Fibonacci Sequence which ruled this world for millions of years. It held the energy and frequency of our highest potential in a fallen system. 

   The geometry itself had stabilizing and uplifting qualities due to its ability to bring energy up that had descended below the fallen architecture. I tested it with Electromagnetic Energy Meters to gauge how well it blocked dirty or dangerous electricity in homes, and it worked better than any gadget on the market for the past twenty years. Truly, just a piece of paper with the symbol on it was more powerful than any technology!

    Anything that plunged our bodies below the fallen architecture, such as stress, toxins, alcohol or drugs could be lifted with this symbol. Experiencing severe food poisoning in 2008, I simply put the Flower of Life on my tummy and within moments felt better. When people would bring fresh cut flowers over, I would put the symbol under the vase and the flowers would last up to a month. Many of my dear readers have reported similar experiences. Symbols definitely have power. The Flower of Life symbol worked miracles during the reign of the Fibonacci architecture. 

   Many people on earth today have become aware of the change over from Fibonacci to the Krystal Spiral Architecture and they are now condemning the Flower of Life symbol, because it represents the old architecture. Please don’t do this. Everything on this planet, including our bodies, flowers, animals and trees are built around the Flower of Life symbol, because we are all born into the fallen architecture of the Fibonacci Sequence, Phi, and Golden Mean. 

   Numerous people have heard about and experienced, “Ascension Symptoms,” such as headaches, sudden and intense fatigue, anxiety, sleeplessness, heart palpitations, dizziness, rashes and strange stabbing pain, achey pain or burning pain, and bone pain that comes and goes with no apparent malady to support it when checked, leaving doctors puzzled. Symptoms like these have been intensifying over the past few years, and perhaps now you see why. Our old architecture of Fibonacci is being upgraded to align with Krystal Spiral, so we can once again blend with our organic infinite eternal blueprint. 

   As the architecture of this universe re-aligns in harmony with the Krystal Spiral, our earth and our bodies are literally recalibrating into beautiful butterflies from our previously crawling experience, capable of so much more than we ever dreamed possible. Of course this is a very, very, very slow process so we don’t explode, and may take another 900 years for complete rehabilitation into the miraculous beings we once were during the previous Golden Age, living 1000’s of years.

   To keep up with these changes and give ourselves extra support, we can no longer rely on the Flower of Life symbol as we used to, due to the Krystal Spiral being a much higher vibration. The best way to realign with our new Architecture would be through song…the sound of Krystal as a song.

   Ka Ra Ya Sa Ta Aa La, Krystal, sung as a song over and over again, will lift your vibration so high it may surprise you…or it could lull you to sleep if your body is ready to upgrade. If you ever feel frightened, filled with anxiety, fear or sadness, sing this little song and visualize the colors that go along with it. 

    Visualizing the frequency of rainbow colors will increase our Krystal Spiral rehabilitation. Visualize, breath in, surround yourself with, and wear Pink, gold, emerald, sapphire, diamonds, turquoise, and opalescent stones and clothing. Imagine spirals of rainbow colors moving up from your root chakra through to the top of your head, swirling through your entire body, activating your true HU blueprint. You may be quite happily surprised with the positive results. What we imagine has more effect each day!


   The Flower of Life is based on two spheres joining together creating a polarizing bi-wave closed loop system. The Krystal Spiral is based on three spheres joining, creating a unifying tri-wave open loop system. This may be why pyramids have such life giving potential. Sitting under a pyramid, or just imagining that you are, will accelerate your Krystal Spiral activations. Remember, symbols have great power.

May you be well and Krystal strong


Please only take what resonates and smile at the rest



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