The Spiritual G-Spot

Every adversity eventually results in unexpected rewards

   As we traverse this unprecedented crowning of the ascension cycle, things may appear uncertain, confusing, or uncomfortable, yet many benevolent shifts are occurring within the architecture of our system. Transformation of this magnitude is never easy, but the eventual rewards will make it all worthwhile.

     Those who are able to tune out the compulsive talk about only one thing, breathe slowly, and still the mind, will feel something miraculous happening deep within…something that has never been felt before in this life. When you move deep enough within your ‘still point’ you may reach what I term the G-spot of inner knowing, where you tap into an awareness…a feeling, a sense, a tingle, a taste of the unseen miracles that are occurring.

   There is no way for me to explain what it is in words, so I invite you to feel it with your heart and come to your own conclusions. The heart is always truthful and it never speaks through fear. The truth will comfort you…even if the outer world is not yet reflecting it.

May the truth set you free and bring long lasting inner peace!


With great respect for all people may be going through,
felt a little light heartedness would be welcomed.




























Kieth Richards






When you live alone and just need some good, friendly, peaceful company

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