The Super Moon of November


   Every moon has an effect on our lives and our emotions. The full moon that will arrive Monday, November 14th is a very unique moon connected to specific astrological houses that stimulate extremely rare effects on the human psyche, predominantly profoundly positive for letting go of the old and ushering in the new.

   November’s full moon is a SuperMoon because it will be closer to earth than a normal moon. This unique alignment won’t happen again until 2034. The last time we saw something like this was in 1948. The best way to make good use of this transit is to take time this weekend to find clarity about what you are finally ready to let go of within yourself once and for all. Perhaps it is self doubt, limitations, fear, belief prisons or negativity.

   The energy of the full moon can work to energetically purge this from your system if you declare your intent and ask for it’s assistance. You may also want to write a contract with yourself, sign and date it and imagine you are handing this declaration to your highest self to be acknowledged and honored.

   The moon will be full under the influence of Taurus and Scorpio, making it a very determined energy of change for the better. Taurus offers greater stability and commitment and Scorpio offers a clear cut release of old ties to things that hinder.

   Taurus is fertile, and ready to nurture the new seeds you plant, and Scorpio supports a very intimate and honest relationship with the self and others, encouraging new bonds and commitments that empower what is good, healing and freeing.

   This is a time to reinvent yourself with invisible forces helping every step of the way. It’s also an influence of transforming energies and awakening to higher powers. Even if you only take five minutes to admire the moon on Monday, please make the most of this miraculous gift.

Story by    Ehsida Bisset    


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