Together We Stand

Unity and Love make all of life worth living

   The video below was taken in China at the beginning of February 2020.  It scans high rise apartment buildings facing one another across a vast city, with  quarantined Wuhanese cheering out to fellow men, women and children….

Wuhan – We will overcome together ! 

   Wuhan is a combination of the cities WUchang and HANkou. We stand together to increase our strength.

Jiayou – Add energy – Don’t stop !

   Jiayou – Translates as: add fuel, add energy, add love to life and each other. Do not give up; keep going throughout adversity.

   May we all chime in: Wuhan, Jiayou! Adding love, hope and support to all loving life around the world. Extra blessings to those in need and those affected by the outbreak in Asia! 

Love makes us stronger! 
Never give up!