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What Freud Knew

“A layman will no doubt find it hard to understand how pathological disorders
of the body and mind can be eliminated by ‘mere’ words. 
He will feel that he is being asked to believe in magic.”

Sigmund Freud

   The proton, neutron, and electron, (which represent the Electric Masculine energy, Magnetic Feminine energy and the spark they create together,) form the architecture or foundation of all matter, including our bodies, the earth and every organic life form in our universe. It’s the ‘union’ of masculine and feminine energies that bring in the power to create.

   Miraculously, every body part holds the power of this union. For example, the lips and the mouth opening represent and hold the receptive magnetic feminine energy and are symbolic of the entry way into the female sexual organs. The tongue is thrusting and electric and it represents the masculine organ. With both the masculine and feminine energies represented in the mouth, every word you speak carries with it a CREATION SPARK, to give birth to improved health, increased wealth, harmony and happiness… or the opposite.

   The tip of the tongue holds one of the most important meridians to the heart and great healings can take place when we press the tip of the tongue up against the roof of the mouth, (which is connected to important endocrine centers) while adding specific intonations, visualizations and intentions. Sages of old taught techniques like this to adept meditators to increase their vibration in order to reach higher states of consciousness and inner peace. 

   While playing in meditation one day I realized the tongue is also directly connected with the eyes. Move your tongue hard right and hard left and you will also feel the energy of your eyes moving in the same direction. With a very relaxed tongue, move your eyes hard left or hard right and you will sense your tongue slightly moving in the same direction.  As I dove more deeply into this, I noticed that when I marveled at beauty, my tongue developed a sweet taste to it, and when I noticed anything unpleasant, it developed a rather stale or bitter taste. Everything is interconnected.

   When we speak the tongue vibrates and sonics are created that affect absolutely everything. When we use very happy and fortifying words the sonics improve our health. If we cut people down or say negative things about ourselves or others, we harm our health, lower our frequency and do an injustice to everything in our midst. Over time this can even change the way a person looks and what appears in their life experience.

   The recording below is a high vibrational and energizing sequence of words you can say every morning and evening to add more light, power and healing energy to your life. Make your own list and declare your happiest words out loud whenever you need a boost.



  There is so much to know about the incredible mysteries of the human body, and the powers we hold to wield energy with words, thoughts, emotions and imagination… this is just the beginning.

May all hearts be healed with greater awareness of who and what we really are.


A mighty flame followeth a tiny spark.

Dante Alighieri

The igniting of creative energy within