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What’s Your Legacy?

“Of all the wonders of being human, 
our most glorious asset is our capacity to transform through love.”

   The movement of planets, stars and suns in our multiverse revolve very much like a combination dial on a padlock, adjusting magnetics as the heavenly bodies dance through the sky, unlocking specific portals and gateways bearing treasures held within. Just as a sunny day makes it easier to remain warm, happy and dry, certain astrological alignments and influences make it easier for us to access and activate our higher powers.

   The daily miracle of our sun rising and setting culminates in the auspicious Winter Solstice December 21st, aligning earth with the very heart and center of the galaxy…the power source of life. Winter Solstice is an astronomical phenomenon marking the shortest day and longest night of the year, yet spiritually it has a much deeper meaning.

   This solstice offers a sacred passage supporting deep and personal awakening to occur by illuminating anything in our lives not aligned with our highest path of truth, love and integrity. Old choices, positions, thoughts, beliefs, locations and people that lend to self destructive behavior will be illuminated one last time in 2018 for deep personal revelations as we complete a very cleansing year. Expect positive change and real-i-zations about your true power and purpose in life.

 This important transit sets the tone for 2019. Will you continue playing out the same old story, or will you shed the past and step into your true legacy?

   Our greatest potentials through this transit blossom as we listen to the heart and align with an internal love that never ends. A love that sees all things as sacred and recognizes the inherent worth of all living beings. A love that dissolves all blocks, pain and trauma. A love that awakens our connection to soul-source, transforming our life experiences forever. 

  We are the bridge between heaven and earth when we step into our intrinsic power and honor truth, the heart and our souls most honorable path. This opportunity awaits all who choose the legacy of divine love.

May you be drenched with the positive potentials of the Solstice.